We don’t want to offer cheaper products – we want to offer better products.

A constantly high level of quality is the foremost factor in the fruits and fruit preparations we import to guarantee that your products are always successful in the hard competitive environment. This is not only comes from legal requirements, but also voluntary standards we comply with starting from cultivation right down to processing. This is the reason why we maintain a quality assurance system where all data are entered and can be called off at any time. Retraceability and absolute transparency are very important to us.

But quality means more than just products meeting defined standards. Quality is spelled out by our employee’s qualifications. After all, a product only has quality if it meets your needs. This is why we would prefer to offer better products, not just cheaper ones. And the fact that they are even lower priced can be put down to our extensive knowledge of the industry and sustainable business practices. There are only stabile and permanently successful partnerships when everybody involved profit.

Take a look at our quality standards on the following pages, look over our shoulders and watch our trade partners in production and discover why qualification is so important to us. Let’s get to know one another better and don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions. Our quality is only expressed in personal contact with our customers and personal customers. We're looking forward to your visit. 

Quality standards

Meeting and complying with the legal requirements while measuring up to our customers’ product needs forms the cornerstone of our work....

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Training/advanced education - Shrinking populations in coming years will continue to spell out a shortage in well-trained skilled workers. That means that only companies that think in the long term will be successful in the highly contested labour market....

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The demands you make of the products we supply can frequently be varied and highly specialised. We’re aware of...

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A look at production

Our gallery enables you to take a look behind the scenes of our producers’ specific production processes. Just click...

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