We have a comprehensive assortment of goods that comprises fruits such as those below:

  • pineapple  
  • apricots     
  • aloe vera       
  • pears
  • blueberries   
  • lychees and
  • mango    

We offer these varieties as fruits and fruit preparations either deep-frozen, aseptic and dried or preserved in cans. Your product requirements decide whether they are organic quality or conventional. In any event, we can procure both including a large number of quality levels in-between.

But it’s not just your product requirements we aim at meeting, but also compliance with the applicable laws, the need for sustainability and our responsibility to the environment. But we also want to be fair to our suppliers and customers while working as an efficient team and without losing sight of costs. We want to do whatever is necessary to offer you a sumptuous assortment of goods that enables you not only to operate your business economically, but also place it on a reliable foundation and even expand your product line. Take look at our assortment of goods in the following pages and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or requirements. 

List of products

With more than 50 years of experience as an importer of fruits, we procure a wide range of products...

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Product development

Our specialists at Central-Import have many years of experience and overarching expertise in our industry. To start, we...

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Forms of processing

We have a very extensive range of products and we offer the right type of preservation for every purpose....

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organic certified products

The market for organic certified products is expanding at a fast pace and health and even ethical considerations have an...

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