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    Our regularly high level of quality, variety, and expertise is the foremost factor in the fruits and fruit preparations we import.

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    Meeting and complying with the legal requirements while measuring up to our customers’ product needs forms the cornerstone of our work. 

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    comprehensive product list

    We offer you deep-frozen, aseptic and dried fruits and we also deliver them in preservative cans and as pouchpacks.

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Excellent quality that bears fruit

We are successful at our business by making your business and products more successful. After all, you need reliable product quality, diversity, regular product procurement and advice that gets you where you’re going in terms of product development or commodity procurement. That’s why we’re the business partner tailor-made for you. As an importer of preserved fruits and fruit products, we have worked our way up to a peak position in the European market in more than 50 years of business activities. Our portfolio includes the who’s who of the downstream processing and refining industry – starting with preserves, through yoghurt and pastry shop right down to fruit juice and fruit preparation manufacturers. We procure about 20,000 tonnes of fruits and semi-finished products for these customers every year and all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you represent a small or medium-sized business or an international corporate group – we’ll make a believer out of you with the high standards we apply to ourselves in the products we procure for you.

We have a high level of expertise and excellent contacts to global partners. Beyond this, we are absolutely reliable and glad to take on risks. We guide you as our customer from the initial idea right down to product roll-out on the market and even beyond. We witness how your ideas can burgeon and win their place on the market. Success is a joint project because it’s a tradition that has to be carefully cultivated and placed on a sound foundation of values that you live and breathe. That’s something we have passed on and refined from one generation to another.

We are an established fruit supplier with an international network for serving both conventional markets and the burgeoning biomarket with fruits and fruit preparations that are deep-frozen, aseptic and dried or preserved in cans. Access our website to get more information on how valuable we can be in your product chain by giving you useful ideas and relieving you of burdens. Take a look around and choose the right partner.

We feel it is important to be in touch with our customers personally which is why we’re looking forward to you getting in contact with us.