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Extensive range in many variants

We have a very extensive range of products and we offer the right type of preservation for every purpose. We offer our fruits in the following types:

  • Deep-frozen
  • Aseptic
  • Dried
  • Preservatives
  • Pouchpack

We can offer you the above packaging forms both as conventional commodities and biologically cultivated goods.

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Preserving by shock freezing at -35-40° C or a medium tunnel. Packing in polybags and cardboard. This is long-term preservation as long as the deep-freeze chain is not interrupted.


Aseptic production is germ-free under absolutely sterile conditions. That means that no oxygen gets into the filling since it stays in a multiple chamber bag in a closed system until it is filled. This form of processing goes very gentle on the product and the bags are packed in hard box cardboard or steel/plastic barrels. Limited shelf life


Drying – the simplest way to preserve foods – dried naturally in the sun or mechanically with drying systems.


Filling the hot food in open preservative cans that are sterilised after sealing and then cooled at 95° C. Long shelf life of 3-4 years depending upon the filling.


Production just like preservatives, filled hot into open plastic pouches and then sterilised at 70°C. That means that its shelf life is very limited (12 months) when stored cool (5°C).

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