Maintaining quality standards Our quality management

Our top priority is quality

Meeting and complying with the legal requirements while measuring up to our customers’ product needs forms the cornerstone of our work.

Our quality management system supports us in achieving our objective of ensuring greater product safety through transparency.

As an importer, we also have an important role to play in the value-added chain by choosing the right suppliers.

This is why complying with all laws and hygiene regulations including a functioning HACCP system (hazard analysis and critical control point system) and 100% retraceability of all of our products are the basic prerequisite for achieving the highest level of quality and product safety. But that’s not all.

Reasons for Central Import
50 years of experience and success
Procurement from over 40 countries
Wide range of organic products available
Clever problem solutions for your production
Highly qualified employees


Regular checks and audits by our suppliers and a close exchange of information with independent experts are also a solid pillar of our day-to-day work. Our suppliers even meet certifications going beyond the legally required standards such as IFS, BRC, FSSC, DIN EN ISO and GMP including regular conformity checks.

Finally, we are realigning our quality management system to plan and prepare our own certification in conformity with IFS Broker V2 after.

Of course, since the products we trade in are natural products, we can never rule out the possibility of seasonal fluctuations, meaning that we cannot eliminate departures in specific parameters. That’s why we continually enhance all of the processes with an impact on quality for us and our suppliers as an important component of our quality management system.

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