Product development

Bundled knowledge for product development

Our specialists at Central-Import have many years of experience and overarching expertise in our industry.

To start, we put a great deal of effort into working with the European food industry and we always meet the specifications of the latest directives in food production. Focusing our knowledge also enables us to offer our customers optimum solutions for their needs. Beyond this, we also test our products’ characteristics when our customers do downstream processing, which enables us to enhance our own production processes.

Furthermore, we make regular supplier audits, guide production on the customer’s premises and monitor production on the producer’s premises to allow us to gain a deeper understanding and improve the implementation of the customer’s requirements made of our products. We always meet our customers’ high expectations because we do in-house quality test on our premises and collaborate closely with the accredited laboratories.

Finally, our wide assortment of samples and regular availability means that we can easily compare the various sorts and processing types directly which in turn makes it easier for the customer to select the product that fits its needs.

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