Training& advanced education Qualifications

The world is changing So are we

Shrinking populations in coming years will continue to spell out a shortage in well-trained skilled workers. That means that only companies that think in the long term will be successful in the highly contested labour market.

This is the reason why it is important to support and promote young and talented persons who are looking for exciting challenges, good opportunities to grow and working situations where they can take on responsibility.

This is why we have been training up-and-coming workers to be dealers in wholesale distribution and foreign trade for many years.

We support our employees in their development to become experts in each of their areas of work. Both advanced on-the-job and external courses form a fixed component of our corporate culture.

Beyond this, intercultural skills and multilingualism are important in the world of international fruit import which is why we also foster these talents. Finally, creating room to move up in the trade, eliminating red tape to make quick decisions possible, a low level of bureaucracy and a familiar environment are the foremost conditions for facilitating our employees’ long-term development and support.

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