Our areas of work

Reliable logistics and expert consultation

We know you need more than an importer of preserved fruits and fruit products. After all, there is one thing that has become apparent again and again over the years: our customers profit at least as much from our experience and expertise as from our range of products. That is the key to the success of our above-average customer commitment. It is rounded off by long-term personal relationships, a wide range of experience in our industry and our co-workers’ expertise.

We support our customers from coming up with original ideas, selecting suppliers right down to ensuring quality requirements. Our services even go as far as hedging against currency fluctuations and advance financing of commodities. We call this full service because it is head and shoulders above the others. We make sure it stays that way by constantly being in touch with the international market, regularly qualifying our suppliers, establishing new contacts and strengthening existing ones. We do all of this to offer you innovation and continuity. In the final analysis, this is the only way you can assert yourself on the market, successfully roll out new products and keep the quality of your existing products and trademarks constantly high.

Our full service model essentially combines the two areas of operative import by providing consultation and support for our customers. You can find a clearly laid out list of our most important segments below.

Importing semi-finished products (fruits and fruit products) for downstream refining

  • preserves
  • frozen
  • concentrations
  • aseptic
  • dried

Some of the main products we import are pineapple, apricots, mango, oranges, pears and raisons where we are among Europe’s leading importers.

Consultation and support for procuring and using semi-finished products (fruits and fruit products) for downstream refining

  • support in coming up with ideas and developing products
  • help in choosing suppliers
  • guaranteeing quality requirements
  • hedging against currency fluctuations
  • transparent and up-to-date information from markets
  • advance financing of commodities
  • overcoming logistic barriers

We’re open to your needs and requirements – even if they refer to an area that is not explicitly listed here. Give us a call if you need support – we’re looking forward to getting in contact with you.