The Peach

Peaches are a popular and versatile ingredient for the food industry. They give your products a fruity taste, a pleasant texture and an attractive colour. With peaches, you can let your creativity flow and add value to your products.

Peaches are an ideal ingredient for dairy products such as yoghurt or ice cream, whether as a fruit preparation, topping or filling. Use peach cubes or puree to give your products a fresh and juicy note and a creamy and fruity consistency. Peaches are also ideal for making jams, marmalades and other fruit spreads, or as a filling/topping for pastries and cakes.

Whether you need peaches for dairy products, yoghurts, jams, preserves, ice cream or other applications, we have the right solution for you.

Central Import is an expert in the import of peaches

We are a leading importer of canned fruit and fruit preparations in Germany. We offer peaches in various forms of production, including frozen, aseptic and canned. Our peaches are sourced from GFSI certified growers in countries such as Greece, Spain, South Africa and Chile and are available in a range of yellow cling varieties depending on the harvest period. Processing takes place in the form of e.g. ½ fruit, segments (slices), 10x10 mm or 14x14 mm cubes, chips (irregular cubes), block frozen in cartons. The raw material is packed in poly bags in cartons, IQF, canned or aseptic.

We guarantee high quality and full traceability. We are happy to advise you on the best peach shape and packaging for your needs and deliver our peaches to you quickly and reliably.

We are your competent and reliable partner for preserved fruits and fruit preparations. Get in touch with us today to receive a tailor-made quotation for peaches. We look forward to your enquiry.

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