Natural sweetener effect with Raisins

Raisins are an ideal ingredient for many industrial products such as chocolate, cereals, baked goods, snacks, yoghurt and more.

They are rich in fibre, antioxidants and minerals and have a pleasantly sweet taste. Raisins give your products a natural sweetening effect, a moist texture and a fruity flavour. They can also be used as a decoration, filling or glaze. You can use raisins to add a special flavour to your products, making them more appealing and tastier.

High quality products for the fruit industry Importer of sultanas

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We are a leading importer of preserved fruits and fruit preparations and can offer you a wide range of high quality raisins from different countries of origin and varieties. Our raisins are sourced from GFSI certified producers in countries such as the USA, Turkey and South Africa and are available in varieties such as Thompson Seedless Selects or Midgets, Thompson Medium Choice, Flames, Turkish Sultanas Type 8 to 10 in RTE or RTU grades. The raw material is packed in polybags in cartons and meets the highest quality standards.

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